Flower Shop Garland TX Floral Affiliate marketing and how does it affect the consumer

Flower Shop Garland What is affiliate marketing and how does it affect the consumer


Affiliate marketing has become main stream at this point but little is commonly known about how it works and what it means to the consumer.

Flowers in Garland TX delivered today

Flowers in Garland TX delivered today

Here is a list of some of the items good florists carry for online shopping:

Gift baskets of all kinds


Children’s Books

Berry Baskets

Yes, Flowers and floral Arrangements

Personalized Gifts

Wedding Gifts



Other Drink

Coupon stuff

Gifts, gifts, and more gifts…

Oh there is so much

Affiliates are becoming big business now days and it is not that difficult to get into for the average person. To do this you would need to be able to put a website together, sign up with an agency such as Commission Junction and then decide what brands you wish to carry on your site. Place advertiements for that site on yours and sit back to let the commissions role in. Well, there is a little more to it than that but that in the basic is the idea.

Consumers may sometimes wonder if it is safe to do this and I must tell you that it is as safe as working with the product sites themselves, because you are working with the sites themselves. All the affiliate is doing is providing a way to find that store, say Brookstone or Shari’s Berries and providing a link to get you to the main store. The effort for the affiliate is rewarded with an pre agreed upon percentage of the sale. All of the credit card security, shipping and support and those kinds of things are performed at the solid respected companies with well known names like Wine Country and even FTD. Once you move away from the affiliate’s site.

A consumer may wonder if they get notice of any sales or at least take advantage of the sales. The answer is a resounding YES. Any sales represented on the main company’s site is open to you no matter how you got there.

The affiliate site like this one may offer e-mailed sales notices or or other company materials through a double opt in newsletter or e-mail program for your convenience.

What about shipping and sales taxes? Those are up to the companies and the government not the affiliates. Sales tax is charged based on the laws of the state and where the company is located. For instance, a company that is only in New York won’t charge sales tax for a order that comes from Dallas, TX for the most part. Shipping and deciding who pays for it is dependent on the sellers policies. Does it change if you go through an affiliate? No.

Another huge advantage is the variety of stores at one site. Http://dallasfloristshop.com (this site) and http://bestfloristsindallas.com , http://winegiftbaskets.com are all examples a Florist but with the mastery of the delivery process easily they easily promote Bridal and gift giving. There is nothing wrong with adding a gift from Qualtry’s personalized gifts to an FTD floral order and to get it all done on one site.

Here at Dallas Florist Shop we offer great products from the following major providers:

Here are some ideas about where to get started We do business with this trusted group and the quality is excellent.

FTD Flowers Rockwall Florists delivered

BROOKSTONE Flowers Rockwall Florists delivered

WINE COUNTRY WINE BASKETS Flowers Rockwall Florists delivered

QUALTRY PERSONALIZED GIFTS Flowers Rockwall Florists delivered

CORNER STORK CHILDS CLOTHES Flowers Rockwall Florists delivered

NUK Flowers Rockwall Florists delivered











One stop shopping for all of your needs. No individual store can do that.


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